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Child Proofing Guidelines: What You Actually Need

Child Proofing Guidelines: What You Actually Need
Tuesday 08, 2016

Is that little bundle starting to become mobile? What an unbelievable journey to watch! Personalities are budding, and child is blossoming into the person she is going to grow to become. There are a ton of merchandise accessible, offering choices, but additionally inflicting stress. What do you really want? You need these childproofing guidelines.

To find out what you want, truthfully, it relies on your youngster’s temperament. If he’s like mine, you’ll need to go forward and take most precautions. If his ardor in life isn’t to open each cabinet and take away every merchandise to discover together with his mouth, you is a little extra lax on what you determine to child proof.Whether you have a cuddly baby who’s content to stay wrapped like a burrito in your loving arms or a crawler or cruiser who’s eager to explore, one thing is certain: You have to childproof your home (and fast — especially if your baby’s already a crawler).

Having a baby is a life-changing event. It will be years before you sleep through the night again. Even if your baby is an awesome sleeper, you’ll be waking up in the middle of the night, tiptoeing to her room just to make sure she’s still breathing. You can admit it; every new parent does it.

When she starts to crawl, it’s a whole new world. Her safety is constantly on your mind. You scan every room upon entering, quickly identifying all possible hazards and removing scary objects. Your friends may think you’ve completely lost your marbles as you obsess over the most seemingly insignificant things. But you’re always five steps ahead of your toddler, envisioning the many possible outcomes of every possible step she could take. You become a professional pessimist, always quick to imagine the worst possible outcome.

All of this is for very good reason, and it’s one of few times in your life when it’s perfectly acceptable to be over-the-top cautious about, well…everything. There have been many parents before you in this very situation. Fortunately, some of them were pretty smart and devised clever inventions to prevent the many potential hazards your toddler could encounter at any given moment.

Myself, I'm in the midst of elevating an active and curious toddler who finds immense pleasure in exploring off-limit locations. Give her a cabinet filled with mother’s issues, and she or he is in heaven! Result? I’ve realized a factor or two about child security. The next provides you with the lowdown on what child security merchandise work efficiently and the five essential areas of the house to make protected. So whether or not your little love is a crazy like mine or a bit of extra tame, you’ll discover worth on this mother’s childproofing guidelines.

Take Home Points:

  • Don’t spend greater than you want; child proofing requirements are listed below.
  • Don’t skimp on the essential stuff. Even when your child is calm and picked up, there are nonetheless some locations which are non-negotiable and should be child-proofed. Be taught what these areas are beneath.

Child Proofing Guidelines

5 Essential Areas/Gadgets To Child Proof

You may go loopy making an attempt to guard your infant from each bump and bruise. Me? I’m a rational realist, figuring out that my angel will get some minor accidents alongside the way in which. What's non-negotiable is the next areas/gadgets that may trigger fatalities or some critical harm. In case you do nothing, else, remember to make your property secure from the next hazards.

  • Laundry Room
  • Detergents, bleach, soaps
  • Lavatory
  • Medication, sunscreens, deodorants, necessary oils, aerosol containers, cleaners
  • Bathtub (non-slip)
  • Kitchen
  • Nutritional vitamins/dietary supplements (deadly to kids), knives/blades
  • Oven
  • Cleaners
  • Storage
  • Pest bait/sprays, sharp instruments, gasoline, cleaners
  • Foremost Room
  • TV (mount to wall or stand), fire
  • Low home windows on higher flooring
  • Very sharp edges

Additionally, all the time, preserve your flooring picked up (as greatest as you may) to substantiate there aren't any small objects which are choke hazards (ChapStick caps, water bottle caps, cash, randomly damaged items, plastic baggage). You'll want to search beneath furnishings and look on your palms and knees to see your child’s world view.

Baby Safety Products Worth Your Investment

Anti-Tip TV and Furniture Straps

Children’s frequent time around a TV set presents a high risk for TV-related accidents. The US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) identified TV and furniture tip-overs one of the top 5 hidden hazards in the home. Securing your TV and taller furniture (like filing cabinets, dressers, vanities, armoires) to the wall is a must. Plus, if you live in earthquake-prone areas, you should be doing this already anyhow!

Pros: metal plates make it the safest option on the market 

Cons: requires a drill and some installation 

Tips: identify stud locations before installing and pre-drill holes


Hidden Magnetic Locks with Magnet Key

These are a close second for my favorite all-purpose safety lock. I love that they are invisible and there is an option to turn them off! If I’m in and out of my trash cupboard, I just flip the switch and don’t have to deal with them. Where do I use them? Currently, this lock is in use on chosen kitchen cupboards and the downstairs bathroom.  It’s a great option for grandparent’s homes.

Pros: invisible, ability to open with one hand, super simple to install, very effective, easy to remove, no damage to cabinets, no tools needed, best of all: ability to turn off!

Cons: they don’t work on all drawers (those thicker than 1.4”)

Tips: clean surface thoroughly with a degreaser spray before installing


Wall Saver for Pressure Gates

Create safe boundaries throughout your home without sacrificing style. The Dignitree® child proofing solution is uniquely robust and harnesses the power of unflinching reliability, long-lasting consistent usability, and phenomenal bend-tolerance a dozen times higher than most wall guards or savers on the market.