01.01.2017. Electricity generation from wind, solar and other renewable energy technologies have set monthly records every month so far in 2016, based on data released by the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA)
03.01.2017. 97% of Most Species-Rich Places on Earth Have Been Seriously Altered by Humans.
05.01.2017. Bill Nye: 'There's Enough Wind and Solar' to Power the World

Our Mindset

It is important to ask ourselves why we do what we do. Because it is the why that drives the what. 'Why' is the purpose. 'What' is the method. The purpose determines the method, because the purpose looks at the result it seeks to create. In business, it all depends on the approach of what we do. Hence, we always ask ourselves 'why,' before we embark on the 'what.'

So why do we do business?

In our view the most powerful reason to do business is to serve humanity. We say this is the most powerful reason because when we do business for this primary reason, all the other secondary reasons; building an organization, leaving behind a family business legacy, etc. will be accomplished automatically.Our focus is on serving, on influencing, on acquiring significance without exploiting anyone. In our family business, we strive towards contribution rather than consumption.

Our Inspiration
Genesis of the Idea

When a caterpillar looks in the mirror, it does not see a butterfly. Hidden in that form is the potential to take the epitome of sluggishness and transform it into the epitome of grace, lightness, and flight. The only condition is that the very nature of the thing must change completely. Caterpillars have no choice in the matter. People and businesses do!

The trap to remain the way you are, eating leaves and grass, crawling from place to place and thereby miss the opportunity to eat nectar and fly from flower to flower at will. Why would someone choose to be a caterpillar over being a butterfly? Because the status quo is always more comfortable and after all, when you look in the mirror, you only see a caterpillar!!

Family businesses need a similar transformation if they seriously intend to become global players in the world market. A transformation that is intrinsic, primordial, intense and painful but which then opens the doors into a world that you did even know, exists. A world of global influence, contribution and the potential to leave behind a legacy that lives on long after the founders have gone the way of all life. The choice is ours. It is not an easy choice. It is not a quick fix transformation that will happen without serious effort. It is not a course of action that will not meet opposition from other caterpillars. However, as stated, the choice is ours to make.

The intention is the measure of the action and without a clear intention and determination to walk the path of transformation, nothing will happen. Nothing significant or worth talking about.

The Caterpillar and the Butterfly

The contrasts are stark. Almost diametrically opposite. That is why the transformation is not easy and not quick. Nor is it painless. But as in the analogy, it is possible and will happen provided serious sustained effort is put into it.

The Butterfly

Excitement drives Passion

Passion soars on the wings of excitement. When a business works with passion all the forces of nature, collaborate to help them. Much can be done with little. All the numbers add up correctly. Time slows down to let them finish their noble task. Passion provokes passion. Others who come into contact with the business who work with passion get energized. Suddenly they start to see meaning in what they do which until then they had been doing mechanically. Family businesses who work with passion report an enhanced sense of satisfaction and accomplishment. They look forward to each day, to be with their leader and do their best to serve humanity.

Passion drives Excellence

It is but natural that someone who is passionate about something will want to do it in the best possible manner. And that is what excellence is all about. To continuously search for a better way, a more compassionate, beautiful or exciting way to accomplish the goal. It is excellence which makes us do that which the world may consider strange. Excellence is to care more than others think is wise; to risk more than others think is safe; to dream more than others think is practical; and to expect from oneself more than others think is possible. It is only in the search for excellence that new discoveries are made and better ways are found. It is not competing against others but a race to achieve one's own potential by pushing the boundaries of one's own knowledge, capability, power and influence. Striving for excellence generates respect, attracts followers and enhances one's contribution.

Excellence creates Brand

And in the end, the result of this virtuous spiral is 'differentiation'. Why differentiate? Because differentiation creates a brand. The brand creates loyalty. Loyalty creates influence and is the foundation of leadership. The brand creates an identity. It enables the leader to stand out and not blend in with the crowd. It makes them the standard bearer to whose standard the others rally. It makes them the light in the darkness which those who are lost seek, to find the way once again. Positive differentiation creates customers who are loyal and who choose us over our competitors.

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