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03.01.2017. 97% of Most Species-Rich Places on Earth Have Been Seriously Altered by Humans.
05.01.2017. Bill Nye: 'There's Enough Wind and Solar' to Power the World
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This is a well constructed 25’ expandable hose with brass fittings versus the plastic fittings found on most expandable hoses. It also comes with a multi-spray gun making out of box connection and use easy. Using an expandable hose avoids the time and aggravation from coiling plastic hoses which never lie down the way you want them to.

Ken Depper - "Vine Voice"

I have reviewed dozens of hoses of this type.... this year (2016) most of them have all upgraded to brass fittings. Prior years' plastic fittings were a disaster and cracked like crazy. This specific hose seems to be one of the best values out there at the current price. It works well, expanding from almost nothing to a nice 25 foot length, and includes a nice 8-function spray gun (most of them do now). The spray gun does not include "jet" mode like many of the others, but includes sprays: center, flat, cone, soaker, full (which is almost like jet), angle, shower, mist.

Overall a very nice hose.

Bob Moody - "Vine Voice"

I have been looking for a good hose for our home for awhile now, and have been debating on buying a retractable/expandable hose. There are many expandable hoses on the market, but they all have terrible reviews. I saw the reviews for the 25ft Dignitree hoses were overwhelmingly positive so I decided to pull the trigger for the 50ft hose (I actually bought two! One for each side of the house.)

At first I couldn't believe how small the packaging was for a 50ft hose! It's amazing! I couldn't wait to try it out. I also was happy to see that it actually comes with the shower nozzle! How cool is that. The brass fittings on the hose are very durable and I was able to screw it onto my faucet very easily (probably the easiest i've ever had for a hose!). Turned on the water and watched the hose grow to 50ft long. Pretty cool.

The nozzle seems to be similar to the so-called generic $10 ones at the store, but hey, it comes with it, so thats a bonus in my book. I would like to mention the nozzle is needed, as you really cant use the hose without it, due to the unique design. If you take the Sprayer off, and try to do the 'use your thumb on the end of the hose to make the water go farther' trick, you won't be able to do it. You need the nozzle to spray. At the end near the sprayer there is a shutoff which makes it convenient when you want to remove the sprayer without getting wet. Great idea!

We have had this hose for one week now and it is has been very durable for us, lightweight, and very easy to move around. We LOVE the fact when you drain the hose, it completely retracts and is easy to put away! It really is amazing.

I would say my only concern would be is where the hose connects at the faucet. It appears if the hose is pulled as far as it could go, it does tend to pinch right at the faucet. I have not experienced any problems with this yet particular situation yet, but if I do, I will be sure to modify my review. But at this time all is well, I have not experienced any leaks at all, and we are very happy with our purchase!

What's even nice is my 5 year old can water the garden now, because he is now able to move this hose very easily because it is so light!

Greg Mosby

I had been looking for a rainfall shower head that wasn't too expensive or too large because I have a regular "old-style" shower that isn't very large and I didn't want to invest a ton into the extender pieces AND a shower head until I was sure I'd like it.

We have so-so water pressure and definitely have hard water so I liked the features that make this an easy care/easy clean shower head. I was impressed by how solid and attractive it was and that they gave you the tape included to ensure a good seal! We had no problem hooking this up and it only took a few minutes at the most and we had it on and running. 

The look is very sleek and the blue adds a bit of flair and I also rally like the number/size of the actual rainfall area. Not too much, not too little and plenty to rinse long or short hair. This didn't decrease my water pressure like some newer shower heads tend to do, so I was also very pleased with that feature. You can see by the photos that we have a very small shower area and that we *do* need to purchase the extender or an adjustment arm, but this shower head is well worth it and I feel like I got really lucky in finding one that's so easy to clean and is also such a nice quality. Our whole family is enjoying this and we plan to keep it for a very long time. A great buy! Happy Shopping!

Wendy Williams

When I first saw the hose after taking it out of the box I was concerned that it may not be long enough for what I wanted it to do. I went ahead and attached it to the water spigot. Well to my surprise the hose expanded at least four fold. I couldn't believe it. It also comes with an attachment that allows you to change the flow of the water in 8 different ways.I'm also going to give this product a 5 star rating. It does everything it's suppose to do and a little more.

Kim Mctighe

This 50 ft expandable garden hose works really well. As with any expandable garden hose you have to be careful with how much pressure you put through it if you want it to last a while. So far this hose is working out well. I love expandable garden hoses as they are lightweight and easier to roll up and gather when done using them. This hose is no exception. It comes packaged well and even includes the sprayer nozzle. The sprayer nozzle has 8 settings that range from cone, mist, shower, angle, full, soaker, center and flat. The hose also comes with brass fittings and not plastic like other expandable hoses on the market. The fittings come with rubber washers so they don't leak and will hold up well over time. So far I am very pleased with the quality and design of this expandable hose, I've only been using it a week and so far its working nicely. I will update my review if anything changes.

Patricia White

This is a great little feeder. I have a similar acrylic window feeder and was looking for one for my other window and I actually like this one even better than my old one. One of the nice features is the slanted roof. Many other feeders on the market have a flat roof which I was initially attracted to because I felt that it took up less vertical space, but in the end all it did was collect water droplets and dirt. Any water or debris that lands on this one will just roll right on off so it will surely stay much cleaner.

Overall it feels very solid and is very clear so doesn't detract from the view out the window at all. The birds seem to like the rubbery green "comfort ledge". My old feeder also had this rubbery piece but it came off way too easily. Sometimes the bird knock it off on their own. This one seem nicely attached so hopefully it stays that way!

I also rather like that this feeder has side panels. It seems to make it more sturdy and also should protect from weather a little better.

It looks just like the listing pictures. It does come with the company name printed right on the front but the colors blend pretty well with the trees and grass and plus with seed in there you don't see it from the inside so I don't really see that as a huge negative.

The only real con (which may be a non-issue) is the suction cups being fairly small. While I like that for it's aesthetic appeal, I worry they may not be as strong. So far, though, I have not seen an issue. I made sure to clean my window very well and let it dry before sticking it up there so... fingers crossed.

The birds seem to like it and if they had thumbs I'm sure they would give it two thumbs up as I do.

Lula Adams

I keep this birdfeeder right outside next to my desk and it's so nice to see them go in and out eating the birdseed that I put in there. My original idea and I still may do it is to put an IP cam near it and possibly catching some great moments in the birdfeeder. The Birds are finally coming I got some pretty good video footage with 2 birds in there eating.


I’ve been looking for a way to secure my television on my wall at my elementary school. It’s mounted on a stand, but I’ve just always worried about it. We have carts we check out from the library and they have straps on them to secure them but those straps were very expensive when purchased through the library supply store. So when I saw these, I knew they were the answer. I have taken them to my maintenance crew and they said that these will work really well and they wished everyone would get something like this. They’re going to install them before school starts so I don’t have to worry about that tv anymore. They’re very thick and strong. The parts you screw into the wall or furniture are metal, not plastic, so they’re not going to break any time soon. I like that the company offers a full refund if you’re not satisfied, but I can’t imagine anyone will be unsatisfied. These are really sturdy straps with high quality heavy duty parts that will secure many different furniture pieces, computers, televisions-- anything you don’t want to move.

Jenny Harris

I'm currently pregnant with our first child. We also have 2 Australian Shepherd dogs who like to get into things. With a baby on the way plus two dogs already in our home, we're investing in baby gates for a few different doorways. I like that most baby gates these days are pressure gates so they don't permanently attach to the wall. However, I've heard that the pressure gates can be hard on your drywall and leave marks. These wall savers will (hopefully) protect the walls long-term from the wear and tear of the baby gates. I've tried 3 different brands of these pressure gate wall savers. They all look and feel the same. I'm very happy with them and am hopeful that they'll protect our newly renovated and freshly painted home!

-Protect your walls
-Set includes 2 wall savers


Barbara Allen

When I ordered the Rainfall Style Shower Head I quickly realized that it would be too big to install on my current shower arm without removing my over-the-shower-arm shelving unit which I desperately need in my tub. Since that wasn’t an option I went looking for a shower arm extender so I could install my big pretty shower head and keep my shelving unit. After studying many models the reviews for Fivanus Universal Shower Head Arm seemed to indicate that it would be strong enough to support my heavy shower head, and it certainly is. As some of the other reviewers have reported, the knobs do effectively lock both parts of this extension into place, and the unit does not slip at all. I was able to lock it into the perfect position for me, and now I can use the very smooth swivel function on my pretty Ultra-Luxurious 8” Rainfall Shower Head to direct the flow of water anywhere I want it.

The Dignitree Rainfall Shower Head comes with Teflon Seal Tape to wrap the pipe with before attaching it. There was plenty of tape to also use some to attach my Fivanus Shower Head Arm as well. I still have some tape left over which is nice. Both the Fivanus Universal Shower Head Arm and the Dignitree Rainfall Shower Head installed quickly by hand without any tools, and nothing leaks, so the water pressure is perfect, and I have a nice soaking rainfall shower now.

Margaret Haws

This is the best hose ever. Watering used to be so hard...the hose was heavy (and dirty) and it got stuck on furniture and planters as I walked around the patios to water plants.

This hose is incredibly lightweight and the construction eliminates the need to wrap the dirty, moldy old hose around the hand cranked hose holder which still requires touching the dirty hose to keep it coiled properly. I just turn the water off, drain the water from the hose, and it coils itself!

I am considering buying a second one for the spout I use to wash cars because it is so great.

Deborah Taylor

As Spring is in the air and the flowers and trees are beginning to bloom, vegetable plants need to be planted and grass needs to be mowed - the one thing they all have in common is that everything needs to be watered! Going outside after a long, cold, hard winter I realized I was in need of a hose! Fortunately I happened upon this PREMIUM QUALITY hose!

This hose comes in a brand box that makes a very nice presentation for gift giving. I was surprised at how small the box for a hose! When I opened the box and looked inside, I could not even imagine it would contain fifty feet of hose! I was a bit skeptical when I took this hose out and it lay flat at my feet.

Thinking I had nothing to lose, I set out to attach this hose to the water nozzle. I turned the water on and was absolutely thrilled to see this hose roll out like a huge snake! It was fun watching as it expands and contracts depending on water pressure. I was really PLEASED that it didn't kink or tangle during use.

Great features of this hose is that it is LIGHTWEIGHT, it is easy to store and doesn't take up much room. This Dignitree hose is extremely PORTABLE and very easy to use. It is double wall construction almost guaranteeing its DURABILITY and STRENGTH! I love the green color as it blends in with the grass and doesn't look like you have a hose running across your property.

All in all, I am very happy with this hose, it stores easily, is lightweight and totally efficient! I love it, it is easy for me to use and I recommend it!

Helen Thomas

The package contains 2 safety wall savers that provide the best protection for babies or toddlers and for the walls at the house too. As we all know that young children can easily crawl around and get into trouble which is extremely dangerous. Thanks to these wall savers, without difficult installation, they can be used setting up baby gate no sweat and leave no damage or marks on the wall. What is more, it holds really steadily because there is an oversized pad compared to other wall protectors to ensure solid installation.

Shu-Hsien Chu

This product is easy to setup. The kids love watching the birds. What a great way to birdwatch without squirrels and other rodents ruining the experience. I highly recommend this product for newbies like my family and seasoned bird watchers alike

Brook Taylor

We just moved into our first house with a yard. LOVING it! But it meant we needing things like hoses for it. We had a longer hose for the back yard but I needed something smaller for out front. This has been perfect. It is lightweight and compact and stays out of the way when not in use. The fittings secured tightly and have not been leaking. The hose extends out to full length when the water is turned on and shrinks right back down when it is emptied. The sprayer works great and is easy to use. I have had no problems with the hose itself leaking. So far I could not be happier with how easy it is to use!
No leaks (at fittings or on hose)
Good sprayer
Might not reach the full 25' but it comes close

Overall I'm very pleased. I will of course update if anything changes, but it is working great for our yard and garden so far!

Betty Elkins

The product arrived on time and is as pictured. I love the idea of an expandable garden hose, not horribly kink-able hose! High quality Spandex (stretchy polyurethane fabric) material is used in this hose set. I also like that it's so compact. It doesn't sprawl all over when not in use and there's no need for a hose reel. It takes very little room.

The nozzle has 8-way pattern spray head settings, which is more than I usually use, but I like having the option.

Hose set has strong brass rather than plastic connectors. These brass fittings is going to be more durable than breakable plastic. It has a shut off valve, which is very beneficial to me. I had no problem putting on the Spray Nozzle or taking it off.

I would recommend few quick trick for hose longevity:

' When in use do not put the water pressure all the way up, keep faucet at about half force.
' Once done with hose use, drain it completely. (the hose will automatically contract back to its original shape.)
' Keep it under shade if you are living in extreme weather place.

I am pleased so far with the quality and function of this hose. Seeing the hose expands once the water starts filling it is pretty cool! It does reach 50ft. With multiple spray head settings, I am going to use the hose for car and floor washing too. I am going to read the free ebook link provided with product package, love to learn about birding in North America.

Thuli Huku

I ordered these quality tv and furniture anti tip straps. These arrived on time and undamaged. They are very heavy which immediately gives you the feel that they are well made and going to work well. The anti tip straps come as a set of two including the straps and all the hardware you'll need to install the straps properly and safely. We have a couple book shelves in the kids rooms that we plan to use these anti tip straps on. I am nervous that they'll fall on the kids and knowing we have these straps to secure them makes me feel so much better and safer. If you have larger furniture you can use both straps on one item for more safety. Luckily we have smaller furniture and will get two uses out of this item.

Danielle Wiedemann

I've recently changed my shower heads to Dignitree Shower Head and one of the things I've noticed is that packaging quality often indicates quality of the fixture and it's true in this case. The packaging is very handsome and the form wrap is one of the best I've ever seen. No additional hardware comes with it. It's just a square shower head in one piece.

I changed to using these large rain shower heads because I wanted the maximum water available under a shower, like standing under a rainstorm. The Dignitree Shower Head installed in few minutes, and it includes a free Teflon Seal Tape that should be sufficient for the average installation. I did not use a wrench and only twisted to hand tightness, there was no leakage with either one. An attractive, budget priced shower head that is easy to install and delivers a rain experience but may be lower pressure than some prefer.

Tsu Roark

Don't risk your child's safety with a piece of plastic or Velcro! Anchor your flat screen TV or furniture to prevent from tipping over with our heavy duty straps with all metal parts. My husband and I swore by these devices on our book shelves , tv's and any heavy furniture especially when our kids were learning to walk and pull themselves up from different things around the house. My son once used a rosewood table that had a heavy vase on we did not have this table anchored down and we were so scared it broke his nose. He had a bruise on his face but the doctor said his nose wasn't broken thankfully. But it's things that you don't think about that can hurt your child so having these great straps will help keep kids visiting your home safe and your own kids and grand-kids.

Caliber's TV & Furniture Straps are free of plastic or adhesives. These magnificent quality and durable strength straps will last you for many years. Strongest material and rust resistant. Firm hold, posture-friendly. The straps are very durable nylon and easy to work with. The screws come in different sizes and lengths.

2 Anti-Tip and furniture straps with multiple purposes with mounting screws. Made with metal and extra strong.

These great straps are nice to have in any family because they help secure bookcases, Armoires, Flat Screen TV’s, Wardrobes, Curio Cabinets, all will be secure with the easy to install parts.Triple stitching on the straps makes the straps handle extra weight capacity; these straps will fit the largest of TVs through perfectly angled industry-strength metal plates. Fully detachable! Practical, durable and safe, these straps bring convenience and security to your living room space, ensuring utmost safety and protection for your active toddler won't have something falling on them and hurting themselves. Which can turn a fun time in to a very stressful time. If you live in earthquake zone this might give you some added protection in those situations as well. The metal is strong and durable won't bend or break. Rust resistant, built to last.


This is so cool I love to watch the birds and now with this I can watch them even better. The suction cups hold up very well to my window it doesnt slide at all. This would also make a great gift to someone who is in a nursing home or to someone who cant go outside cause it really brings the outside to those inside. I definitely recommend this product cause its a great way to get kids away from there phones and enjoy and embrace nature.

Jared Miller

I absolutely love this hose. I'm buying a second one for the front yard. It's so lightweight and easy to drag around the yard. I am so grossed out by my other hose- it's so heavy and hard to move around compared to this! It sprays water just as well as an old style hose and the sparyer that comes with it is great. The blue is also very pretty.

Christina Smith

Great hose! I searched around for a few different types and loved that this came in a 25ft size. I didn't need 50ft for my patio, and there weren't a lot of other options for 25ft.

I usually do not purchase something until I read several reviews. I also am hesitant to buy a product that doesn't have a ton of reviews

Jennifer Tam

Holy heck, I have got to say this shower head is nicer then I could have ever imagined, the water pressure is awesome, perfect for my little one as well. My husband installed it in all Of 5 minutes as it came with everything it needed. My older kids loved it and felt like they were in a spa type shower. We love the color as it gives off a touch of elegance. A friend stopped by during install and had to take a shower to use it then demanded to know where we purchased it. Apparently he'd been looking for 1, so we told him, needless to say he was jealous. It's beautiful, simple install, matches my bathroom decor perfectly,great water pressure. Package was absolutely perfect,would recommend for anyone looking for a shower head like this. I recieved this at a discount price for an honest review, I had my misgivings about it but OMG totally unwarranted. It was exactly what I never knew I always wanted. Thank you! !!!

Lucy Robinson

╔ ■ Price Point: 5/5
╠ ■ Quality/Design/Durability: 5/5
╠ ■ Need/Usability: 5/5
╠ ■ Recommendation/Giftable Factor: 5/5
╠ ☼ Overall: 5/5
╠ ►Product Need: Rain shower head
╠ ►Product Pros: Modern design, 88 nozzles, price
╠ ►Cons to Consider: n/a
╚ ☼ My overall thoughts on the product: This shower head completed the glass modern look I needed. Not only is it pretty but it has a good amount of pressure that comes out of the 88 nozzles that provide a good amount of coverage. Installation was a breeze that only took a couple of minutes with a wrench and a matter of screwing off and on. Be sure to use the included tape that is included to prevent any future drips. This shower head has three good things why I will recommend it: price, look, and performance. I will continue to use the product and update if any updates are warranted such as defects or additional missing uses/information that you should know that I may have missed and will answer any questions about the product.

Bob Collins